Blue Sea International - First Suez

Your Vessel: "Steady as she Goes", Because:

  1. Fresh approach to transit in Suez Canal
  2. All in one service operation
  3. Veteran Team to assist in Suez Canal locally
  4. One Stop - One Go - Minimum Fuzz
  5. Fronted by active Norwegian Master Mariner
  6. Personal - on spot - Troubleshooting

Biography in Brief

Captain Torre Captain Torre is fronting the company. Has extensive (over 25 years) as captain on ships worldwide experience. Has transited Suez Canal more than 50 times himself. Also a business man with worldwide contacts.

Mr. Beckmann Mr. Beckmann is company finance- manager. Has extensive experience in finance operations and is a tough cost cutter and economics overseer.

Mr. Nilsen Mr. Nilsen is a computer and software expert. Brings also excellent communication ability to the company. Will take charge as operation manager.

Mr. Moselhy Mr. Moselhy's team locally in suez canal consists of 10 key employees, owns several small businesses now all incorporated in first suez international. We can offer your ship the best service for transit responsibility - bunkers, stores and repairs etc.

Brief Suez Canal History

Map of the Suez Canal

The Suez Canal

The Suez Canal has been and is a great water way, An important time and cost saver between Europe and the Far East.

The Canal is well managed and operated with able pilots and other services.

However, there is no hiding the fact that extra and undue stress is put upon the ship masters due to the "Marlboro Syndrome" - unsolicited and repeated asking for cigarettes and other "Gifts" by various boarding parties at start of transit.

This, First Suez International Company will strive to eliminate.

We offer a unique, new service called "Master Shielding™" Where our uniformed Canal Host will assist Master and shield him from above problems, from arrival to departure.

First Suez International can offer

  1. Transit Agency Handling (Newly required transit permit)
  2. Agency Husbandry in all Egyptian Ports
  3. Bunkers + Fresh Water + Provisions
  4. Crew Changes - Repatriations
  5. Repairs - Small and Large, Mechanical - Electrical and Technical
  6. Special difficult requests to be handled
  7. "Master Shielding™" Own Canal Host
  8. Agency has super local and in Cairo Government Connections

Forest Products from Scandinavia and Russia

First Suez are now in the best possible position to offer you a wide range of Forest Products from the regions mentioned above.

We can offer Direct sales which will save you considerably on cost and make orders more smooth to fulfill.

We can offer you products both rough sawn wood and more refined wood for all purposes in home and industrial use.

Again,it is this unique position we have that makes our offer very attractive. We can buy direct from sawmills and handle and export wood products to our clients without the use of expensive MIDDLE Agents,thus keeping total cost competitive indeed.

And last,but not least,we can specifically tailor make your orders so the products are semi ready to use.

Please find info on some of our products attatched.For more detailed info on our full range please contact our main office in Oslo, Norway